Precautions by cefixime (Suprax)

SupraxBefore you want to buy any medicine you should speak with your doctor or pharmacist and learn all the details about it. The same thing is about cefixime, it is important that you have not allergies to cefixime itself, to penicillins or other cephalosporin antibiotics (it means cephalexin), or may be to another drugs. As almost every medicine takes in some inactive components, which can give rise to allergic reactions or other problems with health.

You always are recommended to consult your pharmacist or doctor for more information. When visiting the doctor for consultation you should tell your medical history, not forgetting such important problems like kidney disease or an intestinal disease (colitis). When you have been becoming older the kidney function worsens. This medicine is removed by the kidneys. Therefore, patients in years may be more sensitive to cefixime. During the pregnancy this medicine should be used only when it is clearly needed. Your doctor should advise you about all the risks and after-effects.

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