Suprax during lactation

doctorSuprax belongs to the drug class of antibacterial and anti-infective agents and is derived from cephalosporins.
This antibiotic is commonly prescribed for a variety of different infectious diseases and is considered to be very effective and safe method of treatment.
When is Suprax prescribed?
This medicine is prescribed only when infection is proven to be caused by sensitive to cephalosporin bacteria or when the infection is strongly suspected to be caused by such bacteria.
How to use Suprax?
Suprax is used directly as prescribed in the dose recommended by your doctor. Different infections demand using different doses of antibiotics for different period of time.risks
Can I use Suprax during lactation?
Using antibiotics during lactation is a controversial question. This possibility should be discussed with a doctor. Before using Suprax for any condition you have, tell your doctor that you are breastfeeding a baby.
According to the clinical studies cephalosporins are not thought to produce side effects in babies. Still the antibiotics can ruin the gastrointestinal flora and result in diarrhea, fungi infections development and other effects such as dysbacteriosis.
Cefixime is acceptable to use during lactation but the risks of side effects for infants should be evaluated.
Though this medicine is considered to be safe, it is important for women to inform their doctor if they are or plan to become pregnant or plan to breast-feed.

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