The oral use of Suprax

The oral use of Suprax This medicine should be taken orally (by mouth) with or without eating as directed by the doctor, usually it should be taken once a day. Children may be prescribed to take this medicine twice a day (in every 12 hours). If you are directed to take the chewable tablets, you should chew them all through and then swallow. The dose depends on the medical condition of an every particular patient and response to medication aim. For children the dose is calculated depending on the weight of a child. Antibiotics usually work in the best way when the amount of medicine is kept in body at the constant level. So you should take the medicine at around the same time with equal intervals. You should take the medication till the full prescribed time and amount of the medicine, even you feel better or your disease symptoms disappear after a several days. If you stop your medication too early the bacteria may continue to multiply, and that will lead to the recidivism of the infection. You should immediately inform your doctor if your health condition does not better or even worsens.

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